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Multifamily Rental Bliss & Other Myths

Sep 20, 2022 3:30:00 PM

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GIF of couple readingKyle Bass Wants to Turn Texas Into Its Own Asset Class

Op-Ed: Seize the downturn: Why California should leverage a recession to build affordable housing



5 Reasons to Think Twice Before Investing in Multifamily Rentals

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In the real estate investment industry, a war is always waging between single-family rentals (SFRs) and multifamily rentals. Which one is better? Which should you invest in?

While personal preference certainly plays a significant role in the answer to those questions, there are certain realities that every real estate investor should consider before they jump into the multifamily housing market.

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True or False: Passive Income Will Ruin Your Wealth Potential


For investors and entrepreneurs alike, “passive income” is the name of the game, but the image people often paint of earning passive income is a far cry from reality. We think of it as “making money without having to work,” aka, working on our tan at the beach while our bank accounts get bigger.

And sure, that’s a great dream – but it’s just not the reality for most people.

If you want to find financial freedom through passive income, you’ve got to take off your rose-tinted glasses and see these opportunities for what they are…and what they require of you.

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