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Rental Property Performance & Equity

Oct 11, 2022 3:30:00 PM

Daily Data 📈

Inventory is finally on the rise, based on the September 2022 Monthly Housing Market Trends Report from realtor.com. In fact, compared to year-over-year active listings, national inventory increased by nearly 27%. That's... HUGE. Especially at a time when sellers are less active, putting about 10% fewer homes on the market.
But, let's put this in perspective, okay? Prices and interest rates are still high and we're seeing a market that's still on a rebound. 

Chart from realtor.com based on active listing count in 2022 compared to years past

See us? We're that yellow line. Wave hello! 

(Source: realtor.com)

This Is How You Get a Clear Picture of Investment Property Performance

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To say that passive investors can just sit on their hands is a lie. You may not be in the trenches with your property management team, but you ultimately call the shots.

And if you want to do so successfully, you’ve got to know how to assess property performance. Here are the top key performance indicators (KPIs) you should consider.

Read the full article here.


Is It A Good Idea to Refinance Your Rental Property?

Black and white photo of man working at table

Refinancing it’s reserved for your primary residence. Investors can get a leg up on the competition by wisely refinancing their rental properties. 

But when should you bite the bullet on this strategy?

We get into when it's the right time to pursue refinancing, the common refinancing strategies you should know, and how to refinance in five simple steps. Save this for when mortgage rates do their next loop-di-loop!

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The Word

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