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Stay Ahead of Investing Trends

Jul 12, 2022 3:30:00 PM

Daily Data 📈

Construction worker sitting on beamsAt The Grind, we care about distilling the data so you can make sense of the headlines for yourself. One headline that should interest you is the rise in construction to meet housing demand. So, how does this impact single-family residences (SFR), and specifically build-to-rent (BTR) single-family residences? 

Just check out a few of these highlights from a recent Wealth Management piece. 
  • Multi-family units are leading the way in new construction, while BTR SFRs make up about every one in ten new builds in-the works and 6% of land purchased in Q4 of 2021 for building on this year. 
  • Many of these SFRs are part of amenity-rich subdivisions with central property management services. Findings confirm that  "professional" or property management services "with resources" put renters at ease. 
  • According to one source, “The housing shortage, as well as long-term systemic demographic drivers, are expected to continue to push demand and rents higher estimated at 4 percent to 8 percent in 2022 alone." 

Read the full article for yourself here.

Why the Build-to-Rent Model Is Here to Stay

GIF of construction time lapse

Out of the pandemic came the surge of the build-to-rent model: a type of real estate investment in which homes are built or bought as rental communities that offer the best of rental amenities combined with the desirable SFR lifestyle.

But don’t be fooled: build-to-rent isn’t all hype. This is an emerging model here to stay. The pandemic might have kicked things into high gear, but BTR was always going to rise.

Read the full article here.


7 Essential Considerations Before Investing in ANYTHING

GIF of historical archives

Whether you’re investing in stock, real estate, or any other asset, there are strict standards you must follow to achieve your financial goals. It’s not about getting lucky or being in the right place at the right time. These things can happen (and help!), but your investment success depends far more on following the right roadmap.

Read the full article here.


The Word

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    • Why should you care? No matter where the economy is headed, do your due diligence my friends. 
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  • Why I'm cryptophobic (Bessemer Venture Partners)
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    • Why should you care? Hopping into crypto investing is perfectly fine, just be aware of some of the sociopolitical baggage that might be attached. 

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